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Since its preliminary failure the film has grow to be thought to be a basic and considered one of Keaton’s finest. The traditional conclusion of the comedy is the battle of the two sides at the river, and the burning of the railroad bridge (with it is destruction of a second locomotive). Along the best way are many comedian basic moments, resembling Keaton rigorously standing on the cowcatcher and thoroughly utilizing physics to knock off damaged wooden ties that may derail the train, or when (at a second of dejection) Keaton sits on the connecting rod that hyperlinks the trains wheels and finds himself pulled into the locomotive barn while in a sitting positions.

The premise is that Keaton, a train conductor, has volunteered to fight for the South on the outset of the Civil Battle, but been turned down. And it labored so effectively that Keaton never really may (despite some nice moments in STEAMBOAT BILL JR.) out-do it. The truth is, the closest thing to his finest sound movie (or movie that he influenced that was a sound movie) was his work with Pink Skelton within the comedy A SOUTHERN YANKEE, the place he returned to a Civil Battle theme. Buster keaton’ın bu filminin bir önemi de epic bir movie olmasıdır.

When Johnny’s fiancée, Annabelle Lee (Marion Mack), is by chance taken away whereas on a train stolen by Northern forces, Gray pursues the soldiers, using numerous modes of transportation in comic motion scenes that spotlight Keaton’s boundless wit and dexterity. Johnny ultimately is the only one who tries to retake “the Basic” from the raiders, and the film has really two chases in it – first Andrews and his males stealing the practice, and then Keaton sneaking into Northern strains with Mack and retaking it.

Regardless of it being a quick incident of the struggle, the locomotive chase would stay well-known after extra vital events had been forgotten. From the standpoint of sociolinguistics, normal linguistics studies the social capabilities of language, the relationship between language and social processes (the dependence of the type of a language at any given period on social processes), and the reflection of those social processes within the social and territorial differentiation of language and in its structural and stylistic variation.

When his prepare is stolen by Union troopers, he instantly provides chase, on foot, then a handcar, briefly a bicycle, after which finally another practice, not understanding fairly yet that his girlfriend (Marion Mack) was inadvertently additionally kidnapped. Western & Atlantic Railroad train engineer Johnnie Gray is in Marietta, Georgia , to see the 2 loves of his life—his fiancée Annabelle Lee and his locomotive, The Basic —when the American Civil Conflict breaks out. It should be considered Keaton’s most interesting movie, and definitely the most effective battle comedy to return out in the silent period.