Convocation of the general shareholders meeting of VILNIAUS

On the initiative and decision of the Firm’s Management Board the Common Normal Shareholders Meeting of VILNIAUS BALDAI AB (identification code 121922783, deal with Savanoriu ave. 178B, Vilnius, LT-03154) is to be held on 22 December, 2021 at 10:00 a. m. in Savanoriu ave. 178B, Vilnius.

Registration of the shareholders will begin at 9:30 a. m. Only the persons who are the shareholders of the Enterprise at the end of the accounting working day of the Ordinary Common Shareholders Conference (15 December, 2021) are entitled to participate and to vote at the Common Shareholders conference. Shareholders‘ legal rights accounting day – 6 January, 2021.

Agenda contains:
1. Consolidated yearly report.
2. Assent to the Remuneration Report of the Business.
3. Company’s Auditor‘s report.
4. Approval of the Consolidated and Firm’s monetary statements for the calendar year 2021 ended 31 August, 2021.
5. Distribution of Company’s gain.
6. Election of the audit committee users.
7. Dedication of remuneration for the audit committee customers.

The Administration Board of VILNIAUS BALDAI AB accredited the Company‘s draft resolutions of the Annual Standard Shareholders conference that will get spot on the 23 of December 2021:

1. Consolidated annual report.

Shareholders of the general public joint-stock organization VILNIAUS BALDAI AB are introduced with the consolidated yearly report of VILNIAUS BALDAI for 2021 (There is no voting on this situation of agenda).

2. Assent to the Remuneration Report of the Firm.

To assent to the Company’s Remuneration Report, which is presented as a component of the Firm’s consolidated annual report for the year 2021.

3. Unbiased auditor’s report.

Shareholders of the community joint-stock corporation VILNIAUS BALDAI AB are introduced with the unbiased auditor’s report on the economic statements of VILNIAUS BALDAI for 2021(There is no voting on this problem of agenda).

4. Acceptance of the Consolidated and Firm’s economic statements for the calendar year 2021 ended 31 August 2021.

To approve Consolidated and Firm’s monetary statements for the yr 2020 finished 31 August 2020.

5. Approval of the Company‘s profit distribution for the calendar year 2021 ended 31 August 2020:

To approve Company‘s financial gain distribution:

                                                                                                (thousand EUR)

Undistributed retained earnings, brought ahead 19.602
Internet end result for the recent yr 149
Financial gain (decline) not acknowledged in the income statement of the reporting money year 116
Distributable end result 19.867
Transfers to the compulsory reserves
Transfers to other reserves
To be paid as dividends 
To be paid as yearly payments (bonus) to the Board associates
Undistributed retained earnings, carried forward  19.867

No dividend will be paid for fiscal 12 months 2021.

6. Election of the audit committee users.

Approve composition of the Audit Committee of 3 (three) users elected for a term of 4 (four) decades: unbiased users Tomas Bubinas and Danute Kadanaite, Audit Committee customers Vaidas Savukynas. To elect Tomas Bubinas, Chairman of the Audit Committee.

7. Regarding approval of the remuneration for the Audit Committee associates.

To established a amount not larger than EUR 100 for each hour for a do the job in the Audit Committee of Vilniaus baldai AB. To delegate to the Board of the Firm to ascertain the remuneration payment treatment for the Audit Committee customers.
The files linked to the agenda, draft resolutions on every single product of agenda, files what have to be submitted to the Typical Shareholders Conference and other information associated to realization of shareholders legal rights are available at the place of work of VILNIAUS BALDAI (Savanoriu ave 178 B, Vilnius) in the course of doing the job hours.

The shareholders are entitled: (i) to propose to complement the agenda of the Common Shareholders Conference publishing draft resolution on every single more merchandise of agenda or, than there is no want to make a determination – rationalization of the shareholder (this appropriate is granted to shareholders who keep shares carrying at least 1/20 of all the votes). Proposal to dietary supplement the agenda is submitted in composing by registered mail or shipped in person in opposition to signature. The agenda is supplemented if the proposal is obtained no later on than 14 before the Common Shareholders Meeting (ii) to suggest draft resolutions on the concerns already included or to be integrated in the agenda of the Typical Shareholders Assembly at any time prior to the day of the Standard Shareholders assembly (in creating, by registered mail or delivered in person from signature) or in writing during the Standard Shareholders Meeting (this appropriate is granted to shareholders who hold shares carrying at minimum 1/20 of all the votes) (iii) to submit issues to the Firm associated to the difficulties of agenda of the Normal Shareholders Meeting in progress but no later on than 3 business times prior to the General Shareholders Assembly in creating by registered mail or delivered in man or woman towards signature.

Shareholder participating at the Common Shareholders Assembly and getting the appropriate to vote have to post paperwork confirming individual identity. Every single shareholder may well authorize either a purely natural or a lawful man or woman to take part and to vote on the shareholder’s behalf at the General Shareholders Conference. The representative has the similar rights as his represented shareholder at the Typical Shareholders Assembly. The approved individuals need to have documents confirming their own identification and electrical power of lawyer authorised in the method specified by legislation which must be submitted to the Company no afterwards than ahead of the commencement of registration for the Standard Shareholders Conference.

Shareholder is entitled to concern electricity of attorney by indicates of digital communications for legal or natural individuals to participate and to vote on its behalf at the Common Shareholders Assembly. The shareholders ought to advise the Business about electrical power of legal professional issued by usually means of digital communications no later on than before the commencement of registration for the Standard Shareholders Meeting. The shareholders should tell the Company about electricity of attorney issued by means of electronic communications no afterwards than in advance of the commencement of registration for the Typical Shareholders Assembly. The electrical power of legal professional issued by means of digital communications and observe about it ought to be created and submitted to the Business by usually means of electronic communications.

Shareholder or its consultant might vote in producing by filling basic voting bulletin, in these a circumstance the necessity to deliver a own identification doc does not apply. The form of general voting bulletin is offered at the Company‘s webpage. If shareholder requests, the Corporation shall send out the normal voting bulletin to the requesting shareholder by registered mail or shall supply it in man or woman from signature no later than 10 times prior to the Typical Shareholders Meeting free of charge of charge. The loaded standard voting bulletin will have to be signed by the shareholder or its licensed consultant. Doc confirming the proper to vote should be additional to the common voting bulletin if authorized man or woman is voting. The crammed typical voting bulletin have to be sent to VILNIAUS BALDAI, AB by registered mail (handle Savanoriu ave. 178B, LT 03154 Vilnius, Lithuania) or in individual versus signature no later than prior to the day of the Common Shareholders Meeting.

Info relevant with the convened General Shareholders Assembly (notice on convocation of Normal Shareholders Assembly, data about Company‘s shares, draft resolution, and so forth.) are accessible at VILNIAUS BALDAI AB webpage For additional info you should get in touch with + 370 5 2525700.

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