In Defence Of The Attorney-General Of The Federation

Rule of law is one particular of the cardinal attributes of democratic governance and its sanctity need to be highly regarded and upheld at all periods for democratic institutions to purpose correctly. Its prosperous implementation in a democratic environment is contingent on the a few-pronged theory of Equality Before the Regulation, Nobody is Above the Legislation and No one should really be punished or created to undergo except for a breach of regulation. The Legal professional-General and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, SAN, has recently turn into the sufferer of an orchestrated smear campaign, particularly from South East of the country for his position in the Nnamdi Kanu saga.

Expectedly, there have been persistent calls from different groups and folks from the South East, for unconditional launch of Nnamdi Kanu, the self-styled champion of Igbo pursuits and the founder and chief of the notorious Indegeneous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, and the immediate de-proscription of his organisation as a prelude to the graduation of a dialogue-primarily based negotiated settlement among the Federal Authorities and the Igbo country of the South East. Usually, as the undertones of their phone calls point out, there will be no going again on their requires and for that reason peace in their area and in the long run the total country, will continue to be a fleeting illusion. And most of the time they blame the

Attorney-Common for instituting a authorized action towards Kanu and some of his cohorts for the vicious and brutal killings of regulation enforcement officers and innocent men and women as perfectly as the wanton destruction of police stations, security institutions, community properties and institutional buildings in the South East, amid other connected rates. But previously mentioned all he is being charged for insurrection, which is a far extra severe and unpardonable  criminal offense, specifically considering Kanu‘s penchant for unbridled violence and unparalleled criminality in his monstrous resolve to accomplish his aims. In addition to these brazen functions of brigandage, IPOB users, clad in military type uniform with the bold initials BNG, standing for Biafra Countrywide Guard, have been going on the rampage, displaying unparalleled lawlessness, harassing harmless folks and looting retailers and supermarkets with plain impunity. They also give sit-at-household orders which are getting adopted to the letter by the innocent persons for worry of being killed, thereby strangulating their social and economic pursuits. And in all these chaos and mayhem, the elected officers from zone, which includes senators and House of Reps associates, are mysteriously silent, as if absolutely nothing is happening. Their incapability or unwillingness to condemn Kanu and IPOB speaks volumes about their legitimate emotions.All alongside on the other hand, the Lawyer-Normal, has been pursuing the lawful selection in get to assure that the culpability or innocence of Kanu and his co-conspirators is decided by a  knowledgeable courtroom of regulation, as the preponderance of proof at the disposal of the Federal Federal government suggests that a prima facie situation could be set up versus the defendants. Which is why there has been a strong and concerted series of agitations by some eminent personalities for the launch of Kanu. Not only that he is also identified to guarantee that the victims of the senseless killings and callous destruction of authorities and personal constructions get the justice they ought to have. If not the basic principle of Equality Right before the Legislation and No one Above the Regulation will be a nonsense. As Governors of the South East have not long ago admitted, cultists, robbers and kidnappers took advantage of the chaos created by IPOB and unleashed more mayhem on the innocent persons, therefore even further compounding the presently unruly scenario. The Legal professional-Standard was in point hunting at the entire photograph when he submitted the suit towards Kanu and IPOB, in a method that would differentiate the true IPOB customers from the cultists and robbers. In this way even if amnesty is granted to Kanu and co the cultists and robbers would not go scot-cost-free. Nevertheless eminent personalities and leaders of thought in the South East zone are however insisting that Kanu should be freed, and as a result the cultists, robbers and kidnappers as perfectly, who would reside to keep them to ransom a further working day. For Justice to be seen to have been served it is only normal to comply with the route taken by the AGF.  Their persistent vilification of the Lawyer-Standard is totally unfounded and uncalled for, since the actions he has taken have often been in line with the structure and pertinent extant legal guidelines of the country.

On the  problem of the raid  on the home of  Jlustice Mary Odili of the Supreme Court by safety operatives, Abubakar Malami, the AGF, was once again vilified for every thing that occurred, on the power of a Main Magistrate‘s unverified statement. The actuality that the AGF, via his media aide, Dr Umar Gwandu, vehemently denied any expertise, let by yourself, involvement in the raid, did not fulfill the NBA Executives, who threatened to have his expert honour of Senior Advocate of Nigeria eradicated.

Alternatively of environment up a committee to  verify the Main Magistrate‘s promises as experienced courtesy requires, the NBA Executives immediately jumped to summary and headed to the Authorized Practitioners Privileges Committee and the Lawful Practitioners Disciplinary Committee, to launch all their pent-up fury and antipathy in opposition to the AGF. As hugely experienced and expert authorized professionals, who are representives of the overall entire body of authorized practitioners in the country, they must be seen to be objective and fair-minded in their reaction to problems, which have much reaching legal and political implications, as an alternative of succumbing to their inordinate dreams and prejudices.

A more testimony to the AGF‘s regard for the Judiciary and stance on the Rule of Legislation could be cited in the collection of letters he wrote to the Nigerian Army Higher Command in which he emphasized the critical of obeying court docket orders in regard of the compulsory retirement of 38 Army officers in 2016.

An Abuja Significant Court docket had even so ordered their reinstatement which prompted the AGF to generate the letters to the Army Command following a prolonged delay in the execution of the court purchase. This is not a person who is contemptuous of the Rule of Regulation or the sanctity of the Judiciary. So it is grossly preposterous to intentionally misinterprete his steps in the system of accomplishing his statutory obligations in get to malign him. It‘s a common illustration of supplying a doggy a negative identify in get to dangle it.


–Joseph writes from No 1. Yaounde Crescent, Wuse Zone 6,Abuja.

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