Resolutions of the General Meeting of Shareholders of AB

The agenda and adopted resolutions of AB Utenos trikotažas (hereinafter – the Business) Remarkable Basic Assembly of Shareholders to held on November 30, 2021:

1. Election of the users of the Audit Committee for a new term and resolve of the remuneration of the associates of the Audit Committee
1.1. To elect 2 (two) impartial users to the Audit Committee of AB “Utenos trikotažas” for a new 4 (four) calendar year term: Inga Kuktienė and Šarūnas Radavičius. To elect Šarūnas Radavičius as the Chairman of the Audit Committee
1.2. The Corporation undertakes to pay back a member of the Audit Committee for the pursuits of a member in accordance to the agreed range of hours allocated for the activities of a member of the Audit Committee, making use of 90 EUR / hour. (right after tax), but not far more than EUR 270 (after tax) for each assembly of the Audit Committee.

2. Election of the board member.
2.1. To elect Nerijus Kalinauskas as a member of the Board of the Business for the remaining phrase of the Board of the Enterprise, in position of the resigned member of the Board Auksė Žukauskienė.

More facts on the material party is offered by Živilė Jonaitytė, Chief Money Officer of Utenos trikotažas AB, tel. 8-686-5193.

Petras Jašinskas, CEO of Utenos trikotažas AB

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