The Cheapest and Most Expensive Cars to Insure

If you really want to save money on car insurance, get rid of that Maserati and drive a mini van instead.

Specifically, a Chrysler Voyager minivan—that’s the cheapest car to insure, according to a study by

On average, American drivers shell out $1,592 a year for car insurance—about $133 a month, according to an analysis by NerdWallet. The Voyager averages $1,272 a year, that’s $106 a month a savings of $320 a year.

On this list of the cheapest cars to insure, the Voyager is the only minivan, the rest of the cars are mostly SUVs and compact SUVs, but they all come in with an national average insurance rate below $1,592 a year. Before you rush out and buy one, for the 2022 model year, Voyager sales will be fleet-only, meaning the van will only be sold to companies, in this case probably rental-car companies. 

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